Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stage 18: Annecy - Annecy (ITT) 40.5km

I know that I said I wanted Wiggins to win the time trial, but by the end of the stage, I just wanted the damn thing to be over. Basically, I spent much of the stage hoping to get to see Sylvain (I was in luck, the live Versus stream and then the tv itself, showed him for me). Otherwise, what the hell was that stage. Like I said on Twitter: fuck you, Armstrong, GO BACK TO TEXAS. I’m sorry, but I’m so over his bullshit. There was an interview on Versus yesterday that basically implied that because he saw that Mont Ventoux was back on the route for this year’s tour, even if he hadn’t already come back, that would have been enough to bring him back. So, whatever with your cancer awareness bullshit. Yeah, I think Livestrong is really good for cancer research, but stop pretending that you’re back for reason other than just to see if you’re still good enough.

I suppose, in a way, he’s proved that he is. But I’m so tired of him. If he’s still on the podium in Paris, I don’t even know what I’d do. Like my friend Sarah, my “ideal” (since we know Sylvain won’t ever win the whole thing) podium would probably involve Wiggins, Contador and Andy Schleck. But if I really had to choose from the top ten, instead of the top five, it’d be Wiggins, CVV and maybe Schleck or Contador. But, honestly, ignoring CVV and Wiggins, I cannot honestly say I care about the rest of the top 10. They do nothing for me (well, if Le Mevel were to suddenly be totally awesome, that’d be nice! But I’m not stupid, he is French after all).

Sylvain rounds out the top 20 on GC, which makes me so happy for him. I’d like it if he was higher, but I don’t need to lie to myself. I am happy when he finishes the tour (so, Sylvain, plz to be finishing it!). He also finished 14th on the stage, which is so fucking awesome I don’t even have the words. I am SO proud of him (and he did better than LA, SO TAKE THAT, BUDDY). As for the stage itself. Whatever.

My I’m a bad person, but Contador winning the stage just irked me. The tour is no longer a contest for the yellow jersey. He’s all but wrapped it up which, whatever. I know people are looking forward to Mont Ventoux, but I think they‘re wrong. Anything short of Armstrong sabotaging Contador (I don’t know that he’d do that, but …) and he wins the tour. I just hope that Armstrong’s not on the podium come Sunday. I also feel terrible for Fabian Cancellara. This should have been his stage. But, yet again, a Saxo Bank rider falls just short of the mark. Though this wasn’t as bad as all the crap that’s happened to Columbia. My pick for the stage was David Millar, who came in a very respectable 4th, following by Wiggins in 5th. But, you know, Wiggins is 4th on the tour. FOURTH. He is 11 seconds behind Armstrong. This is not fair and, well, ridiculous. I really, really hope that over the next to days that changes and it’s Wiggins third and Armstrong fourth (or lower).

I know there are lots of people who like Armstrong, but I don’t. I’m not going to pretend not to be biased because I am. I don’t like him and I’d like nothing better than for him to fail completely on Mont Ventoux. I might be a horrible person, but that’s fine. I feel what I feel and I miss the days without Armstrong in the peloton.

Tomorrow will probably suck, unless someone in the break is someone I like. Otherwise everyone will conserve energy for the big mountain on Saturday. Such is the tour.

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