Monday, July 13, 2009

Rest day: Limoges

10 things about the rest day:

1. Columbia
Okay, so. they have the sexiest, most kick ass train EVER. Seriously, they're the best train since Petacchi's silver bullet or whatever the hell it was called. I could watch Columbia lead about Cav forever. They are tough and awesome, and they seem to work really, really well for each other. I love it and that's what a train should be like. So, other sprinter's teams? Y'all can SUCK IT.

2. Weather (mostly)
It's been hot, but it's been pretty beautiful if you're a fan. There've been a few occasions of shitty weather, but it's been really great for watching. I don't have much to write about, except that no matter how much I like the good weather, bad weather brings drama to the race, which is also fun. Hopefully the weather stays good, but if it doesn't I hope it causes good, non-injury drama.

3. Bradley Wiggins
Yeah, I'm not even sure if I like him and yet I really do like him. I like that Garmin's all about him and trying to help both Wiggo and CVV do well and protect them. I like that they can divide their time between those two and Farrar (who I'd like to be able to win a stage, just one). Anyway, Wiggins is awesome and I hope he ends up higher when the race gets to Paris.

4. Lack of a real contender
This is awesome. I know we're supposed to think that LA and Contador, et al are contenders. But, seriously, no one is really trying to dominate, which means that the races are way more interesting. I know people thing they are totally lame, drama wise. But, for the most part, I love it. It's fun to see different people win.

5. Sprinters
I know, they're in both categories, sort of. I know Cav seems to be dominating, but Thor's won a stage and has the Green jersey, and that's kind of awesome. Not because I don't want Cav to have it, because I do. But just because it's all about spreading the love around, and I adore that. As long as the sprint finishes stop being so dangerous, this is only a good thing.

6. All Lance All The Time
Yeah, this basically speaks for itself. Sometimes it feels like all they do is talk about Lance. It's ridiculous. It makes coverage lame and it's seriously irritating. I don't have much else to add, except that he's not in yellow and it'd be nice if people stopped pretending he was. Ugh.

7. Astana
Why won't they implode? Why do they insist that there's no infighting? Why does LA seem to think he'd be okay with Contador winning, when it's pretty fucking obvious Contador doesn't feel the same way. Why does everyone toe the party line? WHERE'S THE DRAMA? Seriously, this team should be overflowing with it, and yet nothing. Also, why are they there? They just piss me off.

8. Crazy Sprint Finishes (could be good, but ...)
Too many crashes, no enough people paying attention. They're dangerous and I doubt they'll get any less dangerous. At the same time, this makes them exciting, but I hate crashes and so this is totally a negative. I don't know if I want to blame the race organizers or the cyclists, so we'll just say the blame belongs to both.

9. Tom Boonen
Yeah, where are you, Boonen? I might not like you, but the worse you are (and god, you're so bad), the more annoyed I am that you took Allan Davis' spot. You're a waste of a Tour rider. You do nothing, you've crashed, your team is non-existent. You're probably ruining Sylvain's chances of doing anything because all you do is have issues. Go back to Belgium.

10. Mountain stages
Yeah, whatever happened to fun time attacking? Why didn't anyone put in any sort of effort? Why is that AG2R boy still in yellow? Does no one have the guts? Do they just not care? Is it really true that no one wants to work for the jersey yet? Way to make a sucky race, guys. Of course, if it keeps the jersey away from Astana, well, that's mostly a good thing.

Your TDF blogger is bitter. I'd apologize, except I'm just not sorry.

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