Thursday, July 08, 2004

Prologue - Day One

Notes from the couch:
1. OLN still covers too much Lance.
2. Fabian Cancellara - was he also at the Giro?
3. Who, besides Mick, crashed?
4. Mario's kit = o.O
5. Thor! Brad!

Right, so OLN's coverage is not complete. At least not what I've seen, though I missed the very end of the live coverage. I watched just enough to see the adorable Fabian put on that yellow jersey.

Things I liked:
The actual weather in Belgium -- well, most of it. Being able to see a lot of cyclists I don't normally get to see. The whole prologue (minus the crashes).

Things I disliked:
Not enough information about the other riders. Too much Lance. The crashes. And sick-Brad.

I am not sure how I'm going to write this diary. So this entry is full of different styles. I'll probably try several before I finally get comfortable.

- Jan: I am always surprised by how many people both respect and dislike him. I suppose I, too, am guilty of this. Thought I am more annoyed with him than most. He did ride well, though. As did Tyler.

- Sylvain: 30 seconds of Sylvain (Chavanel) is not enough. He's French, you'd think they'd want to show more of him.

- Tyler: I wish he'd done better, really. I mean he did well, but ...

- Lance: People keep saying how Lance didn't expect to win the prologue, etc. But watching him cross that line two seconds behind Fabian, it was easy to tell how unhappy he was. I have faith, though, that Lance will come through. So close and so frustrated, though.

- Fabian: I have to admit that seeing Fabian cry and put on that yellow jersey was totally worth Lance coming in second.

Overall it was a good day. I'd really wanted Brad to win, but obviously something was wrong. I hope he figures himself out soon.

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